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Lauren is a dynamic transformational healer who skillfully employs energy medicine, various applied kinesiology techniques, dance movement/embodiment, and her own well attuned intuition to arrive at the core of each persons complex issues which are blocking them from accessing their core truth and living authentically. She has 15 years of experience as an integrative psychotherapist and lifestyle coach, 24 years of dance training and performance followed by 13 years of somatic/movement, embodiment, and conscious dance movement training.  Lauren has a unique way of arriving at exactly what needs to be transformed at the core to relieve one’s suffering.  She then engages and awakens the spirit and healer in her client. Together, transformational healing happens.  Long standing emotional DNA is released.  The autonomic nervous system is rebalanced and the body can return to homeostasis. 

Lauren works with clients all over the world.  She enjoys collaborating with doctors and practitioners nationally and internationally.  She loves working with executives and athletes on reaching their performance goals. Lauren has trained with the top professionals all over the country.  She was inducted into the National Honor Society for Psychology in 2005.  She is a Certified Neuro-Emotional Technique Practitioner, Autonomic Response Testing Level 1 & 2, and a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.  She has trained in various types of psychotherapy models including Gestalt, Relational and Couples Therapy, EFT, Imago Relationship Therapy, Psychodynamic, Family Therapy and many others.  She specializes in supporting individuals, couples, and families deepen relationships and rediscover the deliciousness of connection, embodiment, and authentic living.  Lauren has trained in numerous forms of Applied Kinesiology and Bio-energetic healing methods, functional medicine and nutrition, chinese medicine and homeopathy which influence her practice. She has an extensive amount of training and experience in dance/movement and embodiment training.  Lauren currently works with dancers and dance companies across the country in facilitating conscious dance/movement, embodiment, and wellness groups.  She currently works with individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Lauren consults with doctors and practitioners from various fields and in various parts of the world. In her earlier years as a psychotherapist, she trained and supervised psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and mental health workers for 10 years.  She built and ran a community mental health center in an underserved area of Philadelphia.  She built lasting relationships within the community and brought a unique combination of therapies and healing modalities to connect and heal families and revitalize the community.  It has humbled her and made her the practitioner she is today.  

In her free time, Lauren enjoys living mindfully and nourishing relationships of the heart.  She enjoys various types of exercise including dancing, Qi Gong, kettle bells, and pilates.  She enjoys meditation and getting out in nature with loved ones and her 2 doggies. Lauren also enjoys cooking nutritious foods, making her own remedies, tinctures, and experimenting with various recipes and biohacks.   Lauren enjoys music and supporting the local arts community, building community, and supporting local farmers and small businesses.  

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